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Bake Firewood Candle

KB Premium Designs presents you with the beautiful Bake Firewood.

Think of glorious baking and then think of a subtle log fire, crackling away in the back ground and finally, think of chocolate! Mix that all up together and you have the one and only Bake Firewood.

Colour of wax is grey.

KB token available with this purchase.



160g soy wax candle with a burn time of up to 35 hrs.

The soy candle is presented in a durable, textured glass vessel and is wicked with an FSC certified, crackling wooden wick.

The candle is closed with a bamboo lid and is housed in our branded packaging.

No toxins/No parabens.
Vegan Friendly. GMO free.
Suitable for aromatherapy.
CLP compliant.

(Available to purchase in our luxury sets, tealight sets and wax melt sets)

Customer reviews

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  • It takes a while to experience the effect of a scent on the environment to know a really good one - subjective of course. But as much as I enjoyed this perfume, others also commented on it and the candle itself performed really well. I'm coming back for more. The glass holder is also very pretty, especially when the flame is behind it, and sturdy.

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