Bake Firewood Set

KB Premium Designs presents you with our luxury, signature gift set.

Scented soy wax candle in the beautiful scent of Bake Firewood.

150g candle with up to 35 hours burn time.

2 x 20g tealights with up to 6 hours burn time.

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Think of glorious baking and then think of a subtle log fire, crackling away in the back ground and finally, think of chocolate.

Mix that all up together and you have the one and only, Bake Firewood.

Introducing our Bake Firewood Scented Candle with a bamboo wooden lid. 100% eco, soy wax with naturally infused, high-grade and full strength, fragrance.

It provides a relaxing and gentle crackle with its wooden wick and is housed in a luxury, durable glass vessel, which can also be reused.

Colour of wax is grey.

Within the luxury candle set there is also, a black stainless-steel snuffer, 2 extra bonus soy wax tealights poured into acrylic shells which match the same scent as the candle and a beautiful organic, cotton pouch, which houses a KB wooden token.

The set is elegantly presented in bespoke high-quality packaging which is truly adorable, and just the ticket to impress anyone with a luxury gift.

(Scent also available in our tealight and wax melt sets)

Customer reviews

based on 2 reviews
  • If you are looking for a luxury candle that you trust will have the fragrance throughout the entire candle then look no further. I was lucky enough sample both fragrance but my absolute favourite is Baked Firewood. Imagine being curled up on the sofa or egg chair after a hard day, some jazz playing in the background and glass of wine in hand. The scent is so warm with beautiful rich woody aromas with sweet undertones. The packaging is perfect, very sleek and would make an amazing gift to anyone who loves luxury.
  • I received the most stunningly scented candle set from and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Something I love is a beautifully scented home and the Bake Firewood set is wonderful. It makes the most welcoming and soothing scent. I love the decorative and pretty and decorative holder. The customer service is fantastic, and I would highly recommend KB Premium Designs.
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