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Tubed Wax Melts

Introducing our little mini dome wax melts.

Available in a variety of scents.

All you need is 4 domes for your home.
Last up to 6 hours per burn.

Tube contains up to 35 domes.

Choose your scent:


These little guys are made from 100% natural, eco soy wax. They are full strength fragranced.
All our oils are of high quality, paraben free, and manufactured here in the UK.

Our high grade fragrance oils do not contain animal derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. They are all vegan friendly.

All fragrances are fully SDS & IFRA complaint.

Glass tube is durable, shock resistant and closed with a biodegradable cork stopper.

Glass tube is screen printed at the top of the neck with company logo.

Price is per tube and stand is not included but is sold separately.

There is currently no token available with this purchase.

Token is available with the wax melt tube sets.

See below for description of scents available...

CINNAMON SWIRL - A soft, warm pastry, tenderly curled with succulent cinnamon and ginger hints with sweetened butter drizzle. Super, spiced, delicious scent.

FROSTY MORNING - A crisp escape of lime, basil, rosemary and mint with middle notes of rose, jasmine and muguet flowing around and lasting aroma of cedarwood, white musk and patchouli. What a combo for the winter season!

COCOA & LOG FIRE - Rich coco bean opens the blend with velvety shimmer whilst royal ambers sparkle in spiced flames that dance on a cedar base just oozing with cashmere goodness. One word for this one - divine!

MISTLETOE & WINE - A Christmas blend of green mistletoe, precious woods, garden herb & tart mulled wine. What's there to miss?

FIR - Beautiful Fir waxed in red, will fill your safe haven home, with the smell of real Christmas! An aromatic blend of pine and spruce with rich base notes of cedarwood inspired by the most wonderful time of the year. Also infused with fir needle, spearmint, and patchouli.

JASMINE & SANDALWOOD - A rich, lavishing jasmine fragrance coupled with sandalwood. Fresh, earthy top notes and intense warm ylang ylang with hints of sweet honey and amber with a spruce of musk.

HONEYSUCKLE & GALBANUM - Paired with subtle and delicate rose aromas, which swiftly fill your home with a light satisfying joy, topped up with hints of vanilla bean and bursts of lasting lily.

SWEET ORANGE & SPICED GINGER - You know Autumn/winter has arrived when this one is filling your home with its delightful aromas!
A gentle, sweet orange blossom, releasing delicate aromas entwined with musk spices and ginger.

LAVENDER RETREAT - Take yourself to another zone!
A relaxing, de-stressing ambience, that we all need to experience. Even if, we don't know that we do yet!
This candle scent sure delivers!
Beautiful blends of soft wafts of freshly cut Lavender flowers, sprinkled with Jasmine and a dash of amber, whilst comfortably resting on a cedarwood base.
Alongside the relaxation that Lavender brings, it is a breath of fresh air around your home or work space and will for sure lift your mood.

COCOA COTTON - This is an all round favourite! A comforting cotton blend with uplifting notes of patchouli, cedarwood, jasmine and lavender. All in twined with a delicate, velvety shimmer of cocoa bean. No season needed!

PINK CHAMPAGNE - Think of strawberries and cream, bubbly champagne with hints of calming citrus.
This is Pink Champagne.

BAKE FIREWOOD - Think of glorious baking and then think of a subtle log fire, crackling away in the back ground and finally, think of chocolate! Mix that all up together and you have the one and only Bake Firewood.

Customer reviews

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  • Such a wonderful fresh aroma. This is my second purchase of the Frosty Morning melts. And I love the test tube that they come in.

    Top flight service and packaging. 😊

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